DIABNEXT™ Your Logbook is kept UpToDate at all time without any effort

The connected DIABNEXT™ devices automatically collect and transfer your data directly into your Logbook


Digital recorder of your Insulin dose


Digital recorder of your blood sugar level

DIABNEXT™, the app to help you better live with your disease

The Hassle-free and automatic  digital logbook

The DIABNEXT  connected devices collect and transfer automatically your data into your DIABNEXT app or digital logbook.

Your reliable and accessible companion at any time.

Your data is accessible at any time to help you manage your disease and support your decision-making process.

The opening to the DIABNEXT user community

With DIABNEXT you are never alone, the app gives you access to a community of user with whom you can share best practices and good mood.



DIABNEXT Pro, the most powerful tool for managing your patients

DIABNEXT Pro allows you to track your patient’s data, send them personalized therapeutic information, collaborate safely with their caregivers, improve your patients next visit and help manage their disease