BFM Lyon: DIAB-eCARE 1st care center for type 1 diabetes

Specialized in the treatment of type 1 diabetes, DIAB-eCARE just opened its doors in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon. It helps reduce waiting times for patients and better support patients.

The BFM Lyon TV interview takes us inside DIAB-eCARE, the first hospital-university center of integrated practices, dedicated to a single chronic disease: type 1 diabetes

Technology at the service of Care

The immersion into DIAB-eCARE presents the daily life of this team, which relies on the semi-automated monitoring platform DIABNEXT PRO. Indeed, telemedicine is a major activity at the heart of the patient care system at DIAB-eCARE. The DIAB-eCare team notes that the DIABNEXT PRO platform is extremely convenient to manage diabetes by tracking essential data. From this platform, they can remotely monitor patient parameters, analyze them, optimize treatment to prevent complications, and have the latest blood glucose curves available outside an office visit. In addition, the platform integrates extremely innovative semi-automated therapeutic support programs that are perfectly suited to the different pathways and profiles of patients.