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Certified Diabetes Educators 101

When it comes to health professionals, there are so many credentials that it can be confusing. It’s not common knowledge to even know what credentials are, with all honesty. But in short, credentials are a way to show the licensure that the person has in a specific field. It acknowledges all the knowledge that a person has on a specific subject. The most common credential that is easy to understand is M.D. which stands for Doctor of Medicine. For example, it’s the capital letters at the end of your doctor’s last name.

The confusion comes from not knowing what those credentials mean or what they actually do as their job. It can be overwhelming to look at the person’s name and see all those credentials and feel intimidated. This person has more knowledge about your health than you will ever know or even understand but the difference is that you know yourself. Which may not seem important but it is. This health professional does not live in your body and live your life. They are merely there to support and help you live a life that is joyous and healthy.

With that being said, there is a credential that those that are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes should be aware of, which is CDE. What does CDE stand for is the question? Well for a simple explanation, it means Certified Diabetes Educator.

What is a Certified Diabetes Educator?

This is a health professional who has passed a comprehensive test about diabetes, pre-diabetes and the management of the condition. It includes the knowledge and background of diabetes management, diabetes prevention, and prediabetes. This makes sure that they understand diabetes not just from the medical perspective but from the patient. They work to educate, support and promote those that are living with diabetes. They are a source of information about diabetes in order to help you live your healthiest life with diabetes. They want you to be able to be in control of your diabetes and not the disease control you.

What work does a Certified Diabetes Educator do?

Well, those that are CDE certified are already health professionals such as Registered Dietitians, Doctors, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, and much more. They will just have this credential added to their name to show that they can and want to help those with diabetes in addition to their health professional. They help in the prevention and treatment of those that are living with pre-diabetes or diabetes. They provide education about the care and self-management for those living with diabetes. It is a partnership with each patient that works by giving the knowledge needed in order to understand, control and manage a person’s diabetes. This includes giving specific education material and setting up management goals to their specific diabetes.

How can a Certified Diabetes Educator help with my diabetes?

They are able to help you gain control and manage your diabetes by providing you with the important information in regards to your specific diabetes. They work alongside their patients to find the best way to manage their diabetes with their specific lifestyle. They aim to make your diabetes management as simple and healthy at the same time. They not only give you the education material but help you to understand it. They help you to set up goals based on your lifestyle at any range. It is mainly about supplying you with as much information so that you are able to manage your diabetes based on your own life since everyone is different.

The key to working with a Certified Diabetes Educator is to make realistic goals that you will be able to accomplish. They are your personal resources of diabetes-based material and knowledge. They want to be there to help you live with your diabetes so that you can live life to the fullest.


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