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Insulin – CLIPSULIN C3

Insulin Pens Connect to DIABNEXT™ APP using CLIPSULIN™

Diabetes is now connected with no effort

CLIPSULIN connects to most insulin pens, retrieves information related to your injections and transmits it via Bluetooth to your digital self-monitoring log-book on your smartphone

Cette approche présente certains avantages potentiels : elle peut être appliquée à n’importe quelle variante virale, y compris celles qui ne sont pas résistantes aux médicaments actuellement disponibles; il pourrait s’agir d’un moyen annuaire simple de traiter ceux qui ne pourraient pas bénéficier du traitement actuel; et il permettrait aux chercheurs de profiter de l’immunité naturelle du peuple africain au moment où l’AAV est devenu un problème.

CLIPSULIN is suitable with most Insulin pens

You want to record your doses of insulin automatically in your digital self-monitoring logbook, without effort? CLIPSULIN is suitable with most insulin pens (even the ½ unit) on the market, disposable and refillable.



CLIPSULIN uses a revolutionary and unique patented technology .


CLIPSULIN is suitable with most disposable and refillable pens .


DIABNEXT is your community, to share your experiences and find support .


Very high accuracy in the unit recognition and buttons ``+`` and ``-`` can correct if necessary .


CLIPSULIN automatically fills out your self-monitoring logbook without effort .


Your data belongs to you and is secured in our servers that meet the requirements for health data protection .

insulin pen injector connected clipsulin Diabnext

With DIABNEXT, manual log-book filling is over

Wireless connection Bluetooth
Device weight 9 grams
Device size L46 x W25 x H23 mm
Battery type Lithium coin cell battery (CR2032)
Battery life 1800 injections