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CLIPSULIN® wins the CES Innovation Award 2017 – Discover it on booth #43430

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Las Vegas, United States, January 4th, 2017                                                                                                   

DIABNEXT®’s CLIPSULIN® is a 2017 CES Innovation Award Winner in the BIOTECH category. CLIPSULIN® is part of DIABNEXT®, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence tool dedicated to Diabetes management that integrates a suite of interactive softwares and connected hardwares.


CLIPSULIN® is a smart connected insulin dose recorder designed to be compatible with insulin pens used around the world. It automatically captures the number of units injected, as well as the date and time of injection. This metric is then saved and transmitted to the DIABNEXT® A.I. on a smartphone or computer.


Using the famous J.A.R.V.I.S. interface, physicians and patients connected to DIABNEXT® can now use the power of A.I. and supercomputing from any internet connected tool. In particular, Physicians logged in DIABNEXT® A.I. can for the first time visualize the patients’ insulin injection therapy metrics, oral medicine intake, blood glucose levels, meals and precise carbs intake calculation, Diabetes standard diagnostics test results, A1C trends, Diabetes related genes sequencing profile, and even workout and weight data trends to better assess what drives patients’ highs and lows. Physicians, Nutritionists, Caregivers, Researchers and Patients are ONE TEAM in DIABNEXT® A.I., designing together the therapies of the future to prevent and cure Diabetes for our generation and our children.


This Next-Generation Diabetes A.I. is a revolution in Diabetes care, launching on global scale online as soon as Q1 2017. Smartphone, supercomputing and connected devices powers are bundled to create a new Artificial Intelligence that unleashes a new generation of tools for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Management. DIABNEXT® A.I. technology creates brand new resources opening an untapped knowledge base for researchers, clinicians and patients around the world by integrating the latest technologies and research data. Based in Boston, Taipei, Hong Kong and Bangalore, DIABNEXT files and owns numerous patents in Diabetes care, and won two CES Innovation Awards in the BIOTECH category with its “Bee® Smart Diabetes Tracker” in CES 2015 and “CLIPSULIN®” at CES 2017.


Please come and visit us at Booth #43430 to discover DIABNEXT® and CLIPSULIN® at the CONSUMER ELECTRONIC SHOW CES in LAS VEGAS from January 5 to January 8 2017.



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