affiche ATTD technologie diabète


Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) is a unique and innovative conference. The ATTD attracts more than 2,500 participants each year, including leading researchers, clinical practitioners, and industry professionals and companies from around the world to exchange ideas and information on diabetes technology, treatment, and prevention. It brings together international experts to discuss breakthroughs in diabetes treatments and technological innovations.

This year in Vienna, from February 14th to 17th, DIABNEXT attended the conference in the exhibition space and also introduced its Diabetes patient’s monitoring solution.


The difficulties of patient engagement in their follow-up

Insulin-dependent diabetes patients have to make dozens of decisions every day. They have to decide the insulin dose before meals, they have to assess their blood sugar multiple times a day and very often they give up or neglect to write or enter manually the data of their injection doses or/and blood sugar levels on a piece of paper or in their digital app.

Those data are essential to optimize the needs of the body in insulin. This optimization is pragmatic and uses mainly experience and daily habit. Without the exhaustive collection of information, no analysis and no optimization, neither from the patient nor his doctor can be guessed; data is the best weapon against diabetes.

Poor self-monitoring logs

Key measures are not available on their own because the devices are generally not communicating. Again, the burden falls on the diabetes patient, it becomes heavier, and as a result, the vast majority of self-monitoring logs are not kept or are incomplete. They are even often filled fraudulently, so as not to displease his/her care team! In this case, it has been shown that the control of diabetes is, logically, bad, with the risk of more complications. In the USA or Germany, for example, some health insurance is asking patients for their self-monitoring data to allow coverage. DIABNEXT has solved this problem by transferring automatically the data without requiring patients to change their habits. Diabnext makes all insulin pens and glucometers smart.

Next year, the ATTD19 Congress will be held in Berlin. DIABNEXT will be there again with new products for you to discover.