affiche french founders challenge 2017 laureat Diabnext


DIABNEXT, the next-generation diabetes management platform is very proud to be the winner of Boston French Founders Challenge. This innovation challenge is co-organized and sponsored by the French Government, the French Founders and French Morning organizations. This competition rewards the most innovative French startups with future growth in 8 cities of the world.

On June 15th 2017 in Cambridge Ma., M. Valéry Freland, Consul General of France in Boston, the State of Massachusetts and the City of Boston officials, the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI) Executive Director M. Mark Sullivan attended the competition for Boston City winner. Among the 6 pre-selected high-tech Start-up finalists, DIABNEXT won the contest.

DIABNEXT Boston office based Sam Chen, DIABNEXT USA COO said “The competition was very high level between 6 very good companies who pitched to win in front of a jury of leading experts in business and the tech industry”. After the results were announced, Laurent NICOLAS, CEO of DIABNEXT said, “Our team and shareholders are thrilled to have won this very competitive Innovation Challenge. It reinforces our recognition as a team and company, but more than anything it show the urgent need to drive a revolution in the way DIABETES is treated today in the world. DIABNEXT®’s unique patented platform technologies and intelligence will be the first and leading this revolution. After winning a 2017 CES INNOVATION AWARD in Las Vegas in January 2017, this new achievement is wonderful news for our team. But what matters most is that we are going to bring new hopes to hundreds of millions of diabetic patients around the world.”

DIABNEXT Diabetes platform will compete to represent Boston in a final contest scheduled in New York in September 2017 against 6 other winners from cities like San Francisco, etc… Prominent experts in business and the tech industry will select one single French Founded International Tech Start-up. Laurent Nicolas, DIABNEXT Founder and CEO stated yesterday after receiving the award “I remember our new president M. Emmanuel Macron came to Las Vegas CES last year to promote French innovation. I am confident he will continue to be one of our best ambassadors and supporters around the world. The DIABNEXT team will put “all in” to win the upcoming finals in New York, while helping Diabetes be better prevented and cured all over the world”.

The Diabetes care revolution is “En Marche” !