Hackaton federation française des diabétiques

DIABNEXT® was selected today by the French Government as winner of the FRANCE DIABETES INNOVATION CHALLENGE

DIABNEXT® was selected by the French Government Assurance Maladie – the French healthcare system fund in partnership with the Fédération Française des Diabétiques – the French Diabetes Association as winner of the FRANCE DIABETES INNOVATION CHALLENGE « Mieux vivre avec son diabète » 

On May 11th, 2017, DIABNEXT® solutions have been selected among over twenty other technical solutions to improve diabetic patients’ lives in managing their disease. The Challenge was organized by the France Government funded Assurance Maladie (equivalent to NHS, or Medicare in the USA), in partnership with the French Diabetes association (FFD). The INNOVATION CHALLENGE that was launched in March 2017 aimed at using new technologies to help patients manage their Diabetes and live a better life.

In France, 3.5 million people have Diabetes. 3.5 million people take medicine for their Diabetes, representing around 4.7% of the population, according to the FFD. Undiagnosed patients are not counted in this currently treated population.

After the official results were tweeted by the French government today, Mr. Nicolas, DIABNEXT® CEO reported: “DIABNEXT®’s mission is to help patients live a better life with their Diabetes. Our team and our shareholders are thrilled to have won this very competitive Government Diabetes Innovation Challenge. In the coming months, our France team will work hand in hand with the French Government Healthcare Fund to set-up our remote management solution. 3.5 million diabetic patients in France can live a better life with DIABNEXT®’s unique patented technologies and intelligence, a revolution to the way Diabetes is treated today. After winning the CES INNOVATION AWARD in Biotech category in Las Vegas in January 2017, this new achievement is wonderful news for the company and its future. We actively work with many other governmental healthcare funds in several countries, as well as hospitals, and private institutions to boost our number of patients enrolled in the DIABNEXT® platform.” Mr. Binier, the company Chairman added: “Diabetes is a daily challenge for hundreds of millions of people around the world, and will be hundreds of millions who are not diagnosed yet. DIABNEXT® has no ceiling. We are going to help all of them live a better life, everywhere.”