DIABNEXT lauréat du prix de l'innovation de l'assurance maladie 2017 Diabète

DIABNEXT – Winner of the French Government Diabetes Innovation Award

On Monday, October 16th, at the final round of the Diabetes Innovation Challenge in France, the jury of the French Health Insurance, with Nicolas Revel, CEO, awarded DIABNEXT the first-place prize of 2017. This challenge aims to reward the use of innovative technology to facilitate and improve the care of people with diabetes. Considered as a potential future project by the jury, DIABNEXT was rewarded for its originality, its added value, and its relevance in simplifying the life of the patients with a better daily follow-up of the pathology.

DIABNEXT is a comprehensive self-management solution for diabetic patients that automatically collects and transmits key diabetes data through a mobile application. Laurent Nicolas, CEO and Co-founder of DIABNEXT said, “Our team is very thrilled to have won this very competitive Diabetes Innovation Challenge that aims to introduce solutions to better live with diabetes. This Challenge will now continue concretely through an experimentation with patients.” Laurent NICOLAS added that “DIABNEXT is the most awarded company in diabetes self-management because our innovations meet the patients’ needs, there is an unacceptable lack of solutions to help patients in their self-management, and we aim to reduce the dramatic complications associated with this disease. It is a revolution in patient self-monitoring!”