Diabnext vainqueur du prix de l'innovation du petit web 2017

DIABNEXT won The Great Innovation Award of Le Petit Web

The judges of The Great Innovation Award of Le Petit Web awarded the Bronze ID in the Society category to DIABNEXT, the next generation of diabetes care.

Le Petit Web, an online media source that specializes in delivering the news of interactive marketing and digital innovation, unveiled the 4th edition of the Great Award of Digital Innovation, ID17, the biggest competition for innovation in France.

DIABNEXT is proud to have received this distinction for the world’s first auto-filled Diabetes logbook and next generation intelligent care platform for Diabetic patients and healthcare professionals.

Laurent Nicolas, CEO of DIABNEXT, explained some of the benefits associated with the use of a digital diabetes monitoring platform. “Clinical studies show that the risk factor of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) can be reduced by more than 1%, which reduces the risk factor by 21% of Mortality associated with diabetes, and 14% of cardiac risks. It is a revolution for the treatment of diabetes,” said Nicolas. The reduction of -1% of HbA1c also lowers the cost of a diabetic patient by more than 1,000 € per year. In France, the National Health Insurance provides reimbursement for the use of diabetes monitoring devices, such as DIABNEXT, of € 1,090 per year.

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