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Compatible Insulin Pens List


  • Please make sure your insulin pen is compatible with the CLIPSULIN™. The CLIPSULIN™ is currently only intended to be used with 1.0-unit insulin pens. Check Compatible Insulin Pens
  • Please make sure your mobile device support bluetooth 4.0 or higher for transmitting data.
  • Please install DIABNEXT™ APP and  carefully read the “Term of Use” on the mobile APP.  Android Download / iOS Download
  • Before using CLIPSULIN™, please carefully read “Before First Use” and pair CLIPSULIN™ with the mobile APP.


  • The CLIPSULIN™ is currently only intended to be used with 1.0-unit insulin pens.
  • The CLIPSULIN™ can only be used with one type of insulin pen. Sharing with others or different types of insulin pens can lead to confusion in data records.
  • After replacing the battery, sync the CLIPSULIN™ with the DIABNEXT™ APP to allow the CLIPSULIN™ to adjust the time.
  • Keep out of reach of children, as small parts may be swallowed and pose a choking hazard.
  • DO NOT us if any part of your CLIPSULIN™ appears damaged.
  • Data recording malfunction may occur if during dialing there is excessive movement or vibration of the CLIPSULIN™. Dialing the pen while under a source of vibration, such
    as shaking the insulin pen, hitting the pen or an environment with vibrations such as train vibration, loud sound vibration may cause a data recording malfunction.
  • Transfer your records to the DIABNEXT ™ APP regularly to avoid losing data stored in CLIPSULIN™.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe the outer surface of the CLIPSULIN ™.
  • DO NOT immerse CLIPSULIN™ in any fluids.
  • DO NOT spray any fluids at or into CLIPSULIN ™.
  • DO NOT use CLIPSULIN™ with any acid or alkaline solutions.
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, or testing liquid may damage CLIPSULIN ™.

LED Signal Description


  • 3 Green Blinks (0.5 sec): Data recorded.



  • 5 Red Blinks (0.25 sec): Low battery


* After you see the low battery LED indication for the first time, the device will allow you to perform an additional 100 records of your injection dose. Replace the battery CR2032 as soon as possible to avoid any loss of data.

Before First Use

A. Set up


Install the battery in the device. Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone.

B. Pair the device

To pair your device with the mobile app, open your DIABNEXT™ app, then press the CENTRAL BLUE BUTTON on your CLIPSULIN™. Then, follow the instructions in your DIABNEXT™ app.


A. Attach CLIPSULIN™ to your insulin pen. The CLIPSULIN™ display screen should be on the side of the dose windows display of your insulin pen.

Always prime your pen BEFORE turning on the CLIPSULIN™.

Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone.

Press the CLIPSULIN™ button (CENTRAL BLUE BUTTON) and then dial on your pen the dose of insulin you want to inject.

Only if necessary, use “+” or “-” to adjust the dose on the screen.

When the dose shown on the CLIPSULIN™ display screen matches the dose dialed in your insulin pen, confirm by pressing the CLIPSULIN™ CENTRAL BLUE BUTTON*.

Data Synchronization

A. Automatic synchronization of the CLIPSULIN™ with the app

After pairing your device, the data will be automatically transmitted if you keep your smartphone’s Bluetooth turned on and the DIABNEXT™ app running in the background*.

*Even if not open, an app continues to run in the background of your smartphone. If you quit the app on the other hand, it won’t receive the data automatically.


B. Bluetooth

You can use the Bluetooth transmitting function with your mobile phone if you have iOS / Android with BLE 4.0 or higher.


You can use the NFC transmitting function with your mobile phone if you have:
– iPhone 7 or newer, and have the iOS 11
system updated or newer.
– Android phone with NFC function.

Battery Replacement