How to connect NovoPen 6?

NovoPen® 6 is suitable with DIABNEXT app

NovoPen® 6 records insulin dosing information

NovoPen® 6 is new, smart insulin pen that automatically records insulin dosing information about each injection. So you don’t have to. Insulin dosing information from NovoPen® 6 can be viewed alongside blood sugar information, so you can see how your injections affect your blood sugar levels. NovoPen® 6 records and stores the last 800 doses, including airshot. The pen has a dose memory display that reveals:

  • How many units you last injected
  • The time since your last injection

NovoPen® 6 is intended for patients who have been prescribed Novo Nordisk insulin in cartridge.

How to connect NovoPen® 6?

You can easily transfer your insulin dosing information from your pen to your device that support Near Field Communication (NFC). You can easily review your past doses and share data with your healthcare team. NovoPen® 6 provides the same easy injection experience as NovoPen® 5 and NovoPen Echo® with the smart addition of a personal injection log. 

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NovoPen® 6 is suitable with DIABNEXT app

Your insulin doses recorded by NovoPen® 6 can be automatically transferred to DIABNEXT app*. With NovoPen® 6, you can transfer your insulin dosing information to DIABNEXT app and easily share it with your healthcare provider. Hold the dose memory of the pen straight against the NFC spot on your device. Wait while your injection details are automatically transferred to a compatible app on your device. NovoPen® 6 makes it possible to be monitored or to have more productive consultations because your healthcare provider can provide more personalised treatment guidance.

How to connect NovoPen 6 ?

*DIABNEXT app has NOT been developed with, assessed by, or in any way endorsed by Novo Nordisk A/S and compatibility has NOT been assessed by Novo Nordisk A/S for use with the NovoPen® 6 or the NovoPen Echo® Plus. DIABNEXT is the manufacturer of the DIABNEXT app. DIABNEXT is solely responsible for ensuring the safety and performance of the app for its intended use. Novo Nordisk A/S is not responsible in any manner for the content or use of the app nor for the accuracy of any data obtained through use of the app