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Follow and balance your diabetes without constraint

It all starts with unique, patented connected devices

The DIABNEXT™ app automatically retrieves your data through its connected devices, then instantly fills your digital self-monitoring logbook on your smartphone.

DIABNEXT™ allows you to follow your injections, your blood sugar levels, your carb intake, your physical activity… without doing anything more! Your diabetes digital logbook helps you easily analyze your data.

Set reminders to check your blood glucose, take your medications, give an injection and more.


Connect with your community

DIABNEXT™ is your social network

Find support, ask questions and share your experiences directly on the DIABNEXT™ mobile app.

Subscribe to Clubs that share with you, useful information and organize events near you.

You can also share your data in full privacy mode with your family or doctor.

Download the free DIABNEXT™ mobile app


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Adopt DIABNEXT and make progress

DIABNEXT™ analyzes your data easily to help you better manage your diabetes

DIABNEXT™ clearly presents your data and your daily log.

It helps to identify your best days when you best manage your blood sugar level.

Define your goals and get better every day.


With DIABNEXT, the time of manual data filling is over!

DIABNEXT adapt to your devices

You want to record blood glucose level and insulin doses automatically in your digital self-monitoring logbook without effort? DIABNEXT connected devices are suitable with most glucose monitors and insulin pens on the market.

Ready to digitalize the monitoring of your diabetes?



Automated recording of insulin units
Image animée de notre solution GLUCONEXT pour surveiller son diabète


Automated recording of blood glucose levels
Image animée pour de notre produit GLUCONEXT noir qui permet de surveiller son diabète


Automated recording of blood glucose levels

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