The platform for monitoring and therapeutic education of your diabetes patients

Exhaustivity et Efficiency

Accurate and complete data

You automatically have your patients’ data (blood sugar, insulin, activity, carbohydrates …). Patients with DIABNEXT App transmit all their data automatically and without additional effort*. For the first time, you have a reliable and complete self-monitoring logbook, so you can provide personalized advice.

The platform gives you an effective analysis support during your consultations. It allows a personalized approach for your patients, based on reliable data.

An organized view of your patient cohort:

DIABNEXT Pro gives you an interactive and organized patient view, by risk factors to prioritize your medical interventions.

* Subject to the patient’s consent

Remote Monitoring and Coordination

A powerful  and available solution for telehealth

Information processing helps identify important data and trends in your patient cohort. You can set up actions grouped with certain patient profiles or individualize the actions by remote monitoring.

A secured coordination platform

In order to improve medical coordination around patients, the platform makes it possible to share patients’ information and data in a homogeneous manner. This data is hosted on authorized servers and communication between different healthcare professionals and patients are ensured secured messaging.

Therapeutic education

Educational materials

The platform gives you access to a database of educational materials (cards and videos) specially designed for diabetes patients. The database is continuously enriched with new educational supports, totally customizable. You can also delete items and add the materials you like to use.

A targeted education

The objective of this platform is to facilitate the education of your patients at each stage of their treatment and their personal situation. Those supports can be shared individually or within groups of patients according to their specific needs.

DIABNEXT Pro is universal !

You want to automatically record your patients’ blood glucose level and insulin doses in their digital self-monitoring logbook, without effort? DIABNEXT is suitable with most patients’ devices.


DIABNEXT, the most powerful solution for diabetes monitoring